Out of memory

My latest project is related with home automation. It’s based on Arduino nano as main MCU. As project roadmap has lots of features, I saw that out of memory problem will hit soon. It is few decisions to make:

  1. Optimize code. Yes – it can save few bytes, but what I will do after new feature request will arrive?
  2. Find bigger MCU. Bigger brother in Arduino family is Arduino Mega. It has lots of memory, and lots of I/O pins. Perfect solution, but size is lots bigger. It can be catastrophic, when you make tiny device.
  3. Migrate to STM family. It’s interesting approach, as they have fast and big in memory MCU’s. Lots of devices are based on STM chips, so maybe It’s time to learn something new.

STM is interesting approach, BUT … there is not so many info in Internet about STM programing, as it is more industrial chip. Arduino community is much bigger and more active, so solution to save time is using Arduino. Browsing internet I found one company, which are making Arduino Mega PRO which is smaller and fits embedded devices:

I ordered few of these boards from aliexpress, and they come quite quickly, about in 2 weeks. Wery well packed, and production quality is perfect. Arduino code succesfuly uploaded from the first time, and everything works normal. Comparision between Arduino Mega and Mega PRO:

Now I have lots of memory, and lots of I/O pins, so can resume my project. See you soon.