Weekend project – learning KiCad

Everyone who likes diy electronics, needs to make custom boards. Long time ago, I was tried to make Nixie tube clock, and designed it with Eagle. Today I wanted to learn something different, and choosed KiCad, as opensource software. One key feature, it can easy export PCB to gerber files for manufacturing PCB in online making companies. Long story short, here are few screenshots after long day learning new features:

  1. custom board in 3d view:

2. Same board with attached 3d arduino nano:

3. Back view:

4. Some schematics:

Al in all, tool is not easy for startup, some steps are unclear, and needs online tutorials to go through. But after half day, it becomes easy and full of features, which helps to design custom PCB boards. So if you are searching opensource tool for PCB design, it worth to try KiCad.

I will try to finish this design soon, and order some boards from online makers. I hope that next time we will review finished board, and see it working 🙂