At last interesting DIY project found

I always wanted to find interesting DIY project, where I can program, solder, and research some technology, by result creating useful stuff. Some time ago I found some cheap LORA modules, which allows create wireless communication between devices. Arduino also are good sandbox, which allows easy join some devices together, using tons of Arduino libraries available. So here are the main components for first recipe:

  1. Arduino nano:It’s one of smallest Arduinos available on the market, but still powerful enough to create some useful stuff, especially for the first project. Also, these modules are very cheap in China market.
  2. Oled display:These displays are also useful for printing useful information to the end user, or developer for source debug purposes. I2C communication allows connect these modules easily to Arduino board.
  3. LORA modules:I choosed Ra-01 module. These modules are small enough, allowing small product creation, using popular SX1278 chip inside, 100 mW transmit power, theoretically providing range up to 10 KM, it’s more then enough creating first communication to remote device. And one of the best option, there are Arduino library available for these chips. In the market exists Ra-01 baby sister: Ra-02 which have small antenna connector:At the moment I do not have this type of antennas, so choose first version of the board, but in the future there is posibility to upgrade with ease.

With these components, my goal is to create two independent Arduino boards, both sending each other some information, and display this information in the oled screen. After that, we will see how these components works together, and what usefull stuff we can create, maybe some Smart House device, who knows. See you soon 🙂